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Does your breast have a fever?

In layman’s terms, Breast Thermography can help determine if one or both of your breasts has a “fever”, allowing you and your doctor an opportunity to lower and/or eliminate the fever. As we know, increased heat is associated with inflammatory metabolic activity which may lead to the development of disease. Analyzing and monitoring increased metabolic activity as a diagnostic tool has been utilized for thousands of years.

Does your breast have a fever?


Inflammation and other conditions can immediately be detected as well such as periodontal disease or infection (that may go unnoticed by x-ray) which is incredibly important to detect early when it comes to heart health and breast health.
Early detection
Thermal imaging, FDA approved in 1982, is an unsurpassed, safe and noninvasive disease-screening technique that can detect signs of tumors up to ten years earlier than is possible using other tests
While other diagnostics, such as ultrasound, radiography and mammography show the body’s structure or anatomy, DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) is unique in that it shows physiological and metabolic processes.
Thermography Services


Clinical Thermography is a simple test of physiology that relies on the sympathetic nerve control of skin blood flow and the ability of the sympathetic nervous system to respond to (and react to) pain, pathology, injury or dysfunction anywhere in the body. 

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